Day by Day cartoon

Monday, January 31, 2011

You have GOT to watch this video!

Check this out!

Is that awesome, or what? I can't imagine the hours of experimenting it must have taken to make these beasts work. Truly creative art!

This ought to be fun...

Or back breaking. My buddy Loc just called me a couple minutes ago, wanted to know how much weight my engine crane can pick up and would I be interested in helping him pick up, transport and relocate a couple of heavy things on Saturday. Well the crane can lift 2000 pounds which is apparently just about what we he needs to pick up a pair of concrete lions that he wants to buy! Somebody else bought the lions first but apparently never got them situated and now wants to sell them. And Loc wants to buy them...

I'm thinking that a U-Haul flat bed trailer is going to be neccesary to transport the crane and the lions, not Loc's son's ATV trailer. I can also see where I will need to be buying some heavier duty lifting & tiedown straps because those Harbor Freight cheapos that I have won't be up to the task. I'm going to have to break in to my lumber pile for some shoring material too.

I guess I'll see what Saturday brings!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Your morning gospel moment

Take 4 minutes out of your day and listen to this. I challenge you not to be touched.

Awesome rendition.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Mr. President...

After reading your State of the union speech from earlier this week, I am compelled to write this 1 suggestion for you- shut the hell up about high speed rail! I grant you that certain European and Asian countries have nifty high speed rail systems but most of those countries are no bigger than many of our states. No citizen of my acquaintance has any interest in traveling by rail and I live in a town made famous by our country's first rail boom. Heck my spousal unit has even traveled from Ogden to Portland Oregon by AMTRAK years back but nobody is interested in doing so now! BTW, how's that AMTRAK business working out, making a profit on that enterprise yet?

Here's my suggestion Mr. President; drop high speed rail from your vocabulary. Leave it to a state or private company to institute should they desire and don't spend another dime of my tax dollars on any federal high speed rail development. If you want a signature project to spend money on and that will leave a legacy behind, spend those billions of dollars you want to spend for rail projects to find a cure for cancer! Or find a cure for Alzheimers, or autism, something that will really matter!

You can spend my tax dollars for those issues, not high speed rail!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tequila Shots-

You're doing it wrong!

I wonder how you say "FAIL" in Swedish...

Chest cold, bronchitus or pneumonia?

I guess the Doc will be making the diagnosis in just a little while for the BSU's current illness. She's been sick since Saturday and the Mucinex DM and humidifier are only providing the smallest relief. So in a bit we'll be seeing the Doc and letting him decide how much and what kind of treatment she needs.

Be vewy, vewy quiet...

It's wacoon hunting season and I'm hunting the masked wascals in the privacy of my own back yard again.

Trapped and killed one just the night before last and another escaped last night. But the neighbor spotted 3 of them last week so there are plenty more targets!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2 interviews- 1 "close but no cigar"...

Bummer. I wrote that I had 2 job interviews scheduled for last Tuesday and so I did. Both of them seemed to go very well. At the first one I actually knew one of the interviewers and even though the job wouldn't have been perfect, it would have been very good and I think I'd have been plenty qualified and suited to the task. But that was the position that I was not selected for and received the email telling me so this morning.

I also had the 2nd interview later on Tuesday with the University of Utah and again it seemed that the interview went very well. This is also the position that I really hope I get called back for another interview as this one was just a preliminary one. I believe this position could really be a calling where I could be happy and productive and to do good for a lot of people- military veterans in this case.

So keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer to your favorite deity or capture a neighborhood raccoon and make an animal sacrifice if that's your method of beseeching your higher power for favors, that I might get a call for another interview very soon!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Doing the background work-

I've spent some of this morning researching the Director of Veterans Support Services position that I am interviewing for tomorrow. Over the weekend, I've decided that I would really like this job and it might just be the calling that I have been looking for these past months.

One thing I discovered is that the center has received a new name. It used to be called the Utah Student Veterans Center and their website and blog are way out of date. The former director was a junior at the university, heading off to study and surf in Hawaii and had just a few years of military service time.

The more I look at the requirements of the job description, the more I think that I could do a really good job in being this director. I'd have to bone up on all the different agencies and programs that are out there to assist veterans but I believe I could become their very strong advocate. The commute into Sale Lake City and across town to the university every day would suck but if I decide to use public transportation, the Front Runner trains have wi-fi so I could catch up on my mail and news and blogging while getting to work. And in the warm months, I have Sleek Black Beauty to ride!

Friday, January 14, 2011

It's been an interesting day in the job hunt...

Can you believe it has been a year that I've been out of work? I still find that to be incredible. I never would have guessed 1 year ago that I would be still looking a year later, but there it is.

But today has been very interesting... I applied online for an Equipment Specialist position that I got turned on to a couple weeks back, to one of the companies that I've previously worked for during my time as a contractor. Today, I received a call from one of their recruiters. He asked me some questions, seemingly liked the answers and later called me back to ask if I could meet a local management team for an interview on Tuesday. Of course I said yes, even though the job is temporary and doesn't offer benefits. If I get selected and back to work, I'll take it!

Shortly after that, I heard by email from another company asking about my availability. This company is partly owned by someone I know and have worked around in the past. I found out later that this company is also seeking Equipment Specialists for the F-16 office! What this means is that all the support companies out there are getting wind of potential contract offerings and they are looking to gather resumes of potential employees to offer as part of their proposal, should the .gov actually put a request for proposals out on the street. At this point, I don't really care which company's name is on my badge, I just want to get back to work.

Then I discovered another job on the Department of Workforce Services website that I decided to take a chance and appy to; it's called Director, Veterans Support Services for the University of Utah! I emailed my resume and just a couple hours later, I received a phone call asking if I would be available for an interview on Tuesday... Yes! Of course I'm available!

Now this job sounds interesting. It is a new position, situated in the university student services building and would involve recruiting veterans to apply to the U, troubleshooting their difficulties transitioning from military to college life and generally being the voice of the veteran on campus. I'd have to learn a great deal more about the Veterans Department programs for students but I think I would really enjoy the challenge of this position.

I don't know how any of this will play out but today was certainly a red letter day in my year long search. It also falls on the day after I had a first discussion with the BSU about seeking a new career in an entirely different direction- one that would cause me to never wear a necktie again and ensure my Sundays were always a day of work...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

This really tickled me tonight-

I love this small conversation from my son on Facebook today:
Noah McCord to Powder Mountain
Where is the Powder of my childhood? I have sold out.
Moved to the big box giant. 4,000 acres and 10,000 people.
Every inch tracked out in hours not days. My tail bruised from man made snow, a cruel imitation.
Where is the Powder of my childhood?

Powder Mountain to Noah
We're still here. Come on home.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Dammitall- another Kel-Tec to add to my locker!

Doggone Kel-Tec is building new guns faster than I can assemble my pennies into big enough bundles to buy them! Now they've gone and introduced a very cool looking shotgun that I want and can't afford! But I may just have to find a way to afford this bullpup shotgun.


I'm totally at a loss tonight as it seems that Photobucket has "improved" their website while my back was turned and now I can't figure out how to get the code to embed just a thumbnail picture that links to the full sized image. I suppose I'll figure it out sooner or later but tonight you get the full sized image without clicking through.

The job interview seemed to go well today-

Since the owner of the indoor kart racing track actually remembered and recognized me from the times i've been in his place, I think the interview actually went pretty well. The job's for a mechanic on the karts and nearly full time and it would be evenings and weekends but if I land the job, I'll take it and be happy until something else comes along.

I do have a bacterial infection in my eye- saw a real eye Doc today, and he prescribed some thicker, stronger antibiotics for me for the rest of the week. Hopefully things will get better quick with the new drops.

I think I've found some plans for a motorcycle lift for my workshop that I can actually afford to purchase and store! Buying a commercial lift is outside my budget and would hog up far too much of my floor space in my shop. The one I found pictures of tonight is much cheaper and much easier to store when I don't need it for tinkering with Sleek Black Beauty! I just need to make a trip to Harbor Freight and Home Depot!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Day III of this eye infection thingie...

I feel miserable and look worse. Last night was the first time that I can remember when I just couldn't sleep and got out of bed for an hour or so hoping for tiredness to really sink in so I could sleep. It didn't happen. The bags under my eyes this morning are big enough to pack for a 2 person weekend camping trip!

The meds don't seem to be working and the Doc that gave them to me told me to come back today if I wasn't much better since seeing him on Friday so I suppose I'll be re-visiting the ER later today.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcome to 2011

I was in bed by 10 last night and skipped all the end of year festivities mostly due to not feeling very well. I have something wrong with my left eye- a swelling of the sclerea portion and yesterday it bothered me enough to compel me to go to the ER. The doc there gave me some drops and told me to come back if things weren't improved by Sunday. So I felt lousy and went to bed.

I spent a good portion of the week applying for jobs and I'm really crossing my fingers that something significant will present itself in 2011. I know already that employers aren't hiring guys in my age group and that they prefer to hire away already employed persons as opposed to unemployed persons, so both of those factors are working against me but I have to keep looking. I do actually have a job interview for Monday morning but it is part time at an indoor karting track. It might be fun and a few more hours and less driving to get to than the auction driving job I've been doing for a couple months but it won't really be a new career. At least I don't imagine that it will be.

We've been adopted by a stray kitty that has been living rough next door. He started coming over to warm himself by the dryer vent and the BSU convinced me to start putting out some kibble. Now he's here twice a day (or more) for food and allowing himself to be petted occasionally. He is a long haired cat and apparently not feral but homeless so perhaps he will become a long term member of the management team around here.

I've a project to get started on out in the shop but I'm keeping it on the downlow for now until spring rolls around. And since it's the 1st of January, can fishing season and warm weather be too far away? Same thing with the project; I'll introduce it about the time the temps get back up to 65 degrees or so.

I need a new guitar instructor too!